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    Functional Aesthetics: Visions in Fashionable Technology 

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    Which type of headset is best for you? – NOKIA LOUD & GEAR! 


    The celebrated Ethiopian distance runner Haile Gebrselassie is famous for setting world records, while listening to the pop song “Scatman.” Most of us don’t have such heady goals when enjoying our tunes, but we still want our music to sound great.

    The best way to guarantee fantastic audio is by using a great music player, but what about the headset? If you’re not sure about the pros and cons of the different types read on.

    Photo by perpetualplum

    Over-ear or circum-aural

    First off over-ear or circum aural headsets. These have circular or ellipsoid earpads that cover the entire ear. This design means that music leakage is kept to a minimum and consequently over ear headset have the best bass. Over ear headsets can also be designed to fully seal against the head and so reduce external noise. The down sides? Well, because of their size they can be heavy and wearing them too…

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    Do You “LIKE” CIQMUSIC Facebook Page? 




    CIQ has just redecorated her facebook pages with 18 tabs of full on fresh content. “It kinda needed an update,” she admits. “I think it looks fantastic! I might even add a few more tabs soon.”

    Her colourful and creative CIQMusic page includes the wall and info tabs, a website, bandpage, youtube, twitter, multimedia, links, news & blogs, special deals, a chatroom, photos, tracks, extended info with more social networks links, blog, notes, Google plus, and a promotions tab.

    “I like to overdeliver a bit on expectations. Bring something kind of exceptional and extraordinary into everyday things.” It still has a nice uncluttered flow, and is packed with lots of fun and interesting content.

    She has also recently updated her online lifestyle blogs including StudioLife, CIQmusic, and DJCIQ. And she is about to release a handful of mobile apps. “I…

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    #Change11 What do participants of MOOC want? 

    Learner Weblog

    Jon posted in And so it ends:

    I’m not the first to observe that a big problem with connectivist-influenced MOOCs like this is that they are, well, chaotic and lacking in centre. People are contributing all over the place in a hundred different ways and certainly not in an orderly fashion.

    We wound up talking quite a bit about balance this week – reaching that Goldilocks spot that is not too hard and not too soft in not just our technologies but the whole system of which technologies are a part.

    What might be the not too hard and not too soft in MOOC?

    What do participants of MOOC really want?

    Have you watched King Arthur?

    My relative forwarded me this extraordinary story about King Arthur.

    Here The story begins:

    Young King Arthur was ambushed and imprisoned by the monarch of a neighboring kingdom. The monarch could have killed him…

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    Nokia Lumia 800 Camera Video Review 


    You must have been searching for Lumia 800’s video samples all over the net, wait no more, the best review is here for the Lumia 800 Camera . From youtuber and reviewer @emkwan

    comparison with the iPHONE 4S.

    Enjoy his video review and check out his channel too !

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    Playing with Xperia Play 

    iStoryang HaaayTek!

    I’ve just provided by Sony Ericsson a second review unit of their latest phone under the Xperia series. It’s the Xperia Play–the first certified PlayStation Cell phone.I’ll post here the full review of Xperia Play soon.

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    New technology that reads minds 

    Informative Report

    They may look cute or silly but these ears are cutting-edge technology.

    Ears looking at you kid ... models wear the necomimi, or cats' ears.

    They can read your brain waves and transmit how you’re feeling … in ear movements.

    When you are relaxed or bored, the ears lie flat, when you are concentrating or focused they perk up, and even wiggle if you are amused.

    The “Necomimi”, which means “cat’s ears” in Japanese, were launched in May but are set to go on sale at the end of the year, and were picked by Time magazine as one of the year’s 50 best inventions.

    The invention’s goals are simple – it has two brain-wave sensors that can detect and interpret what you are thinking, and show it through four movements.

    “We were exploring new ways of communicating and we thought it would be interesting to use brainwaves,” Kana Nakano of Neurowear told Agence France-Presse this year.

    “Because the sensors must be attached…

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    Google Luncurkan Toko Musik Online 

    Anjangsana ...

    Google dilaporkan telah meluncurkan toko musik online di AS, yang memungkinkan pengguna sistem operasi Android membeli, menyimpan dan memperdengarkan berkas MP3.

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    Iphone News! The Best iPhone Deals | PRLog 

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    Information Consumption Society 


    Doctor, I am suffering from information consumption anxiety.

    Welcome to the Information age, and there sure is loads of it.

    We live in a world that shits information. Endless readings from multiple perspectives in multiple languages on the most obscurest subjects, and on a page awaiting your anticipated access. Long gone are the days of relying on libraries for information, and gone with it the queues to hire books, gone are the borrowing restrictions on quantity and variety fixing our scope on available knowledge. Gone the embarrassment of trying to explain our way out of those nasty fines. The Internet has by and large reduced our demand on the library of the real world, and each-other as the primary fountain for knowledge. And as the availability of information has meant its approximation itself closer and closer to us, I am now starting to feel some of the social side effects…

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