Personal Learning Networks – an Emerging Technology in Education


Only recently I discovered the beauty of Infographics and imagine that it will not be long before these ‘visual essays’ start taking on a more important position in the range of tools used in our schools.  They are attractive, appealing and yes – are easy to read.   They seem to echo comics and cartoons, but are far more serious.   More like ‘graphic novels’, the ones I’ve seen are focused on a specific topic, are factual and highly informative.   Not so long ago I found a beautiful one about Twitter, and now I’ve come across this beautiful one highlighting 6 Emerging Technologies in Education.

Created by Saint Xavier University, it was, I’m assuming, created as part of their promotion of the range of online learning programs they offer.   Highlighted on their website as the way of future education, their belief in the future of Online Education is best…

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