How Apple Is Deciding Our Marketing Decisions

“For the better part of 2011, non-iPad tablets experienced an overwhelming lack of success. HP’s TouchPad was released and then discontinued a month later, RIM’s Blackberry PlayBook has been deeply discounted, and Samsung has faced an onslaught of lawsuits from Apple.”

What is striking is how wide the gap is between the sales of Apple iPad’s and other non-Apple tablets. Sales of iPads in the third quarter of the year amounted to over 11 million – versus a million plus non-Apple tablets sold year-to-date.

What does this trend mean for businesses that are actively marketing through the Internet?

For better or worse, you need to factor the iOS into your design decisions. That means ‘no to Flash’… Also, consider app development for mobile optimization, where it makes sense.

Personally, I have not considered myself an Applephile. But, now that I own (and use hourly) an iPad and an iPhone…

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