Grandma Makes Her Own Direct Wordpress Post

Upload Your Grandma

Over Thanksgiving at my parents house, we were in a place that had  all the right tools in place: WiFi and a computer and Grandma to have The Grandma attempt a direct (non paper) post on WordPress.  Here is the attempt:

“First I have to remember  if I can still type . . . and I guess I can but it is slow and pick.”

So in talking to grandma after this process, she got frustrated after one sentence because she could not do to a good enough job.  She used to be a pretty fast typist but she hadn’t typed on a regular basis for about 15 years.  I hadn’t even thought about this, but I realized that keyboarding can really be a “use it or lose it skill”.   So that is another barrier to entry – typing is a must for most of this technology and if…

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