C++ 11, A shining history with bright future


Story starts from failure. in 1969 a big project named Multics was in trouble. It was a joint venture between General Electric, MIT, and Bell Telephone Laboratories to build an operating system. This operating system was not fast and stable as per expectations so the Bell Lab staff withdrew from this project. Team of Bell lab including Dennis Ritchie, Ken Thomson has realized that they people are missing one language which produce compact and speedy programs.

 At the same time Ken Thompson (1943) was working hard to build a new operating system for running on PDP-7 machines which is simpler and lighter-weight than Multics. This OS was written in assembler and it was the first version of famous operating system which is known as UNIX. Writing code in assembler was hard to implement and understand, so Thomson created another language called B which was the light version of BCPL language…

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